Download the 1.4.7 beta:

Current changelog

  • Fix – bug with our posts block not saving the connected Search & Filter query correctly.
  • Fix – use css vars to dynamically add layout spacing (prevents a validation error when using style tags)
  • Fix – an issue with taxonomy terms being double encoded, causing admin previews to fail when taxonomy terms have special characters
  • Fix – an issue with using the font size selector field refreshing our admin screens (they were causing an unwated page submit).
  • Fix – an issue where templates wouldn’t render if elements had not been added – thanks @mchelles for reporting
  • Fix – various CSS issues in admin
  • Compatibility – an issue when the using the filesystem and it was no ready yet – thanks @freddela for reporting and @ssh-sftp-updater-support team for helping
  • Improvement – switch over color pickers to the new color picker from Gutenberg
  • Update – bump minimum required WordPress version to 5.9