Release: 1.4.3 – speed improvements + bug fixes

Version 1.4.3 just landed, bringing with it a good few bug fixes and speed improvements.

Admin speed improvements

Our admin UI is built using the Gutenberg APIs and React – and with that, comes a lot of Rest API requests. While it’s great to be highly dynamic and only load data when you need it, sometimes waiting for a loader, after a page has loaded can be frustrating.

Leveraging some new functions introduced in WP 5.8 –
block_editor_rest_api_preload() – we now preload some of our api requests, meaning you can access your layouts and templates even faster than before.

Bug fixes

WP 5.8 – The release WordPress 5.8 also had a knock on effect and caused a few layout issues in our admin UI – we’ve squashed these and a couple of PHP warnings that cropped up.

WPML – we’ve solved 2 issues relating to WPML – a CSS generation issue (where some css was not being added depending on the current language) and an issue that prevented templates being edited in the admin (when not using the Advanced Translation Editor).

Switching block registration

There is also a less noticable change – we now register our blocks via the (new) recommended method – register_block_type_from_metadata()

What this means is you’ll now (hopefully) be able to find our blocks using the block library and there should also be more information on our repository related to our available blocks.

If you want to know more about all these changes, you can check out the changelog.