Release: 1.4.5 – more ordering options + bug fixes

Version 1.4.5 just landed, bringing with it a good few bug fixes and a couple of improvements.

More ordering parameters

To support WooCommerce custom ordering, we’ve added the manual sort order option to our our layouts.

We also added a default option to allow for “no ordering” or for it to be unset, so this can be controlled externally if required.

Better integration with Gutenberg + theme support

As you may or may not know, when accessing our layout editor and template editor via our admin screens, we pull in existing styles if your theme supports it.

Now, we should be able to pull in theme colors (like background color, foreground color, link color) into our editor preview areas in more scenarios. This will happen if you are using:

  • A standard WP theme that supports editor styles (many themes support this, including ones that use the Customizer)
  • All Gutenberg themes – these support editor styles out of the box, and we’ll be adding support for the the rest of the styles (paddings, margins, fonts in the near future)
  • Full Site Editing (+ Global Styles) themes – we’ve now added partial support for global styles and should now pull in the color palettes into our editors.

* Styles integration was already available if using our plugin via blocks in the block editor.

Bug fixes

The main fixes:

Image width – in some circumstances the featured image would push out past the column width, causing the whole layout to shift – not pretty!

Element drag issue – if you’re using the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin you might notice some strange behaviour when dragging elements or opening popups – this was due to some CSS animation changes in the latest version of Gutenberg.

Block registration

We’re still experimenting with how our blocks are listed on the WordPress plugins repo. Our last attempt didn’t work, but thanks to the advice of the Plugins Team I think this time everything should be good 🤞

If you want to know more about all these changes, you can check out the changelog.