Release: 1.4.7 – WP 6.0 + UI updates

This release is focussed on some internal changes needed to make room for some of the new UI components coming in Gutenberg (we rely heavily on their components to build our plugin!).

As always, the pace of Gutenberg development is fast and between releases there have been several advancements that we want to include in our plugin.

Color picker dropdown

This release starts by adding the new color picker dropdown to our template editor:

Upgrade should be seamless and this should work immediately with your existing templates and settings – less scrolling in the sidebar to see your options is a win for us.

Minimum version bump

To use the new components shipped with Gutenberg we need to bump the minimum supported WP version.

As always, we plan to support the most recent two versions of WP Core – 5.9 and 6.0, as well as the latest stable version of the Gutenberg feature plugin.

Bug fixes

WordPress 6.0 brought a few unexepected issues to Custom Layouts – and although it’s been usable right away you might have noticed something odd in the admin layouts (CSS) or with the behaviour of some of our components.

These bugs have been squashed 🔨 Do let us know if you find anything we’ve missed via the support forums.

For a full list of bug fixes you can checkout the changelog.